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Alpha-1 Aerospace LLC, Pathfinder Systems Inc, and SimiGon Inc.
form a joint venture to provide state-of-the-art
training and simulation hardware and software.

Falconry Training Solutions Joint Venture has a long history of developing high-tech training devices and processes for the USA and NATO countries. FTS shows expertise in every product.

History of Excellence

Engineering & Innovation

FTS JV has a history of excellence, with dozens of deliveries demonstrating engineering and innovation prowess.


Agile Development

FTS JV uses an agile development process in order to field innovative training solutions for USAF aircrew. 

Central Fuel tank replacment.jpg

Concurrency Modifications

 FTS JV employs a series of methods to ensure significant training risks don’t occur. This avoids out of date terrain, deprecated courseware, and more.


Configuration Management

FTS JV adheres to strict CM procedures to control the flow of data from production to delivery and support.

F-15E Screen (002).png


Open architecture, object-oriented, modular, plug-in capable baseline platforms enabling the system to evolve and support future advancements.

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