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Falconry Training Solutions


Program Management

FTS JV has the relevant experience and personnel to provide accurate input to the Government for all aspects of program management support including scheduling, baseline milestones, development milestones, and schedule milestones. 

Quality Assurance (ISO Certified)

Methods used to ensure quality include self-inspections, government quality inspections, supervisor review, unscheduled inspections, client coordination and consultations, and tracking and reporting. 

Risk Management

FTS JV creates robust risk-mitigation plans for training programs. We develop proactive mitigation plans for every failure that could occur.


Training Systems Support Center (TSSC) 

FTS JV’s experience in developing a TSSC ensures compliance with the configuration management, data collection, and reporting requirements of the TSA IV Contract.

Distributed Mission Operations (DMO)

FTS JV performs and manages DMO in its USAF training systems contracts. FTS JV has extensive interoperability experience and utilizes Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) compliant simulation software to integrate with third-party simulations. 

Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

FTS JV delivers aviation components to the US Army’s High Energy Laser program. 

FTS JV is experienced in system CLS and knows when relevant components need to be replaced, as well as what the next generation of simulation will require 


FTS JV has experience managing the DMS/MS with the SPO, managing and acquiring spares as needed, and mitigating hardware and software obsolescence issues. 

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